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The Cape Shoulder and Elbow Unit is an association of shoulder and elbow surgeons in Cape Town, who come from a common training background and work with a similar approach and ethos. They consult and frequently operate together for complex cases.

The advantage of this group is that the surgical specialists do not practice in isolation. They share ideas and concepts and are all involved in research and teaching. As a result they are up-to-date with the latest advances in the surgical management of shoulder and elbow pathology.

With the lifting of the level 5 lockdown we have reopened our rooms for face-to-face consultation with patients. We will also continue to do telephonic consultations where appropriate. This is however not “business as usual”. We have taken every precaution possible to minimise the risk of spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our consultation times have been spread further apart to minimise the number of patients in the waiting room. We have installed screens and all staff wear masks or visors. We have removed chairs covered with material which is not easily cleanable and wipe down furniture and surfaces between patient consultations. All patients are also required to go through a screening process as they enter the hospital. We have introduced online registration and preoperative assessment forms which need to be filled out prior to any consultation. This minimises contact between staff and patients.

Patients do still need to be aware that there is a risk when attending medical facilities. In particular older patients with other medical problems may be at higher risk of developing a more severe infection.

Decisions regarding indications for surgery at this time are made on a patient by patient basis. This takes into account the risks to the patient and the availability of operating theatre time and resources in the hospital. All hospital groups have now introduced mandatory testing for Covid-19 for all acute and booked admissions requiring surgery. These tests should be done within 72 hours of admission. Patients are also required to self isolate for seven days prior to admission.

The purpose of this website is to provide an information resource to describe and address common shoulder and elbow conditions.

The content requires significant time to prepare so please bear with us where sections are still incomplete. This website is not a definitive medical resource, but is meant to provide information to patients regarding their conditions.

The focus in this website is to present information simply but thoroughly. Photos have been provided to enhance your understanding.

Disclaimer: Many of the view expressed here are the opinions and approach of the authors which may differ from other physicians/surgeons. The information here is not for self-diagnosis and treatment. Please consult a medical expert if you are suffering from a shoulder or elbow condition.



Tennis Elbow


Tennis Elbow


Contact our team with any enquiries you may have regarding shoulder and elbow conditions.


Contact our team with any enquiries you may have regarding shoulder and elbow conditions.

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